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This 1st video installment is an introduction to the world of Flynn Novak.  Much more photos and video's ahead...

Welcome to Flynn's World from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.

Here's one of the ways I keep in shape while there's no waves on the North Shore. Only a few more months and it will be time for big surf again!
Here's a recap of my morning session at Pipe during the last swell of our 2011/2012 winter season. Days like this are few and far between, especially in April! It will be quite a few months before Pipeline awakens again. For now just really focused on surfing in the Pipe Masters in December. Cheeehoooo!
An average day of surfing on the North Shore could include shorebreak barrels, windy peaks at Rocky Point, or crowded wedges at Pipeline. In the case of this segment, it's all of the above. Lucky we live Hawaii!
Surfing is so specialized. To perform at a high level, you need certain equipment, and crafts shaped and designed for certain waves. I surf Rocky Point on the regular, and this video features my orange surfboard that was specifically designed for Rockies, and actually shaped in my house at Rocky Point by Noah Budroe. Noah and I designed this board with a little more volume, to paddle against the relentless current, and a special outline for maintaining speed for going big. Enjoy!

Here's a fun session I had the other day surfing down the road. We have so many other rip-able spots here along the 7 mile miracle, it just takes getting in the car and searching it out.
Here's a look at my new stringer-less Jeff Bushman 5'7". This is my first surf on it during a nice evening at Rocky Point.

Here are a few of the great surfers from Hawaii who surf Pipeline when it's on.
Surfing Rockies in the Tradewinds...
Pipeline is the wave the North Shore revolves around.   Without the Banzai, this short stretch of beach would not be so important for the surfing world.   I feel very blessed to have the privilege to be part of the pack at Pipe.   Compiled are a bunch of sessions I've had from previous years... ENJOY

There's nothing like coming back from traveling and surfing the North Shore with all my close friends. These are the guys I grew up surfing with and still hang out with on a daily basis. I love being back home!
Here's a recap of my recent time spent in Indo. I surfed tons of good waves, met a bunch of great people, and had some cool close encounters with the indonesian wildlife. What a great trip!
My first day trying out the short board uncle Owl Chapman shaped me at the start of the summer.

Flynn's Owl Shortboard Test Drive from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.

Here's the kind of waves I would have been surfing all summer if I had not escaped to Indo. So stoked I got to travel and surf some real waves, and so stoked to finally be heading home. Looks like the summers over and the first NW swell is on tap for later this week on the North Shore of Oahu. Hawaii here I come. Stay tuned!

Twin Fin with Flynn from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.

Flynn visits Uncle Owl from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.

A few months ago Kalani, T-Dirty, and I went to pay a visit to Kalani's uncle, the legendary shaper Owl Chapman. Owls is known for his Big Wave Guns, but Kalani and I wanted to see what kind of short board he could make us. Ive been riding this new Owl shorty all summer here in Bali and have been loving it!
Owl Chapman has been a legendary surfer/shaper on the North Shore for over 40 years. He still charges big waves, and continues to shape some of the most beautiful and functional surfboards in the world. Uncle Owl is full of wisdom, and listening to his stories in his shaping room is what constantly brings me back to the Third Stone Surfboard Factory in Waialua. Check this video from the early 80's and tell me this guy isn't the man! ALSO, watch my 8'3" Owl in action here:

AIRS from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.

Here's my take, and breakdown, of the evolution of aerial surfing
 Hanging here in Bali waiting for a swell to light up Indonesia's version of Pipeline, Padang Padang.  Both spots are all about getting barreled, but each wave obviously has it's own unique characteristics.  It's amazing that even with all of the barreling waves that have been discovered around the world, Pipeline is still the one that all other waves are based off of.   It is by far the most lethal wave in the surfing world, with more people dying there than at any other surf spot.   Pipe is also notorious for being crowded, and in my eyes, 90% of the people out there shouldn't be.  The crowd alone makes it super dangerous.  So many people come and go, but the boys who dedicate large amounts of time out there are the ones to watch!  I'm just stoked to be one of them.   Here's an edit of an hours worth of water shots from a nice day this past Feburary.  Enjoy

An hour at Pipeline Feb. 5th 2011 from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.
Im down in Bali for the month, waiting for my chance to surf one of the best waves in the world with only a few guys out.  This is my third year being invited to this awesome event put on by Rip Curl.  Padang Padang doesn't break very often, but when it does its really something special.  The contest runs for one day only, so check to watch the event go down LIVE!  Holding period from July 10th thru August 14th, 2011.

Padang Padang Cup overview with Flynn from Ariel Willeford on Vimeo.
Here's my heat in the Padang Cup Invitational. Early morning, onshore wind, inconsistent, plus paddle battles the entire 25 minutes. Contests are great aren't they? Non the less, I am still happy to be a part of the event this year!